Human Dimensions Services Ltd



Linking psychology and technology to
enhance business opportunities

The speed of technology is changing the way business interacts with employees, customers and suppliers and has created new opportunities.


Applications may cover:

Internet / intranet, muti-media, kiosk design, plasma screens, display technology, broadband / satellite, IP communications, customer relation management, virtual teams, flexible working, mobile technologies, e-learning / business, call centres, knowledge management, and technology change.

Organisation Culture and Psychology

Maximising the business through the assessment of the impact of technology transformation. The objectives to design, train and improve human performance through using a wide range of tools for soft and hard issues.

Catalyst for facilitating changes.

Assessing change.

Behaviour strategies.

Reducing emotional disturbance.

Human Dimensions Services Ltd provide the facilitation with management on the practical guidance for the digital solution in the work place.


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